Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Borger Here We Come

This morning, the girls and I got up to get ready for our flight back to Borger to pick up the last of Katie's things and move for the final time.  For those of you that don't know, when we moved at the end of August to Georgia Katie decided she wanted to finish out her senior year of high school in Borger.  Who would blame her right?  Kellie had already moved to Atlanta to start school and Kim and I were pulling out of Borger after a great 12 year ministry at Fellowship Baptist Church.  On Halloween Katie hopped a plane to surprise us and it worked.  We had no idea she was coming.  We knew that she was struggling being away from us as we were being away from her.  But I was taken back, when in the middle of trick-or-treating she looked at me and said, "Dad I'm ready to move here."  We worked it all out the next registered her for school and she started the next Monday.  While we were in the counselors office getting her classes arranged to coach of the girls basketball team came to meet us and began recruiting Katie for he girls varsity team.   I was so glad because this was the one thing she was leaving behind in Borger: the comfort of her team.

Because the move wasn't planned she left her car and clothes and everything else in Borger (not to mention the airline lost her bag that was never found).  So we needed to fly back on last time to get all our stuff.  We decided we would take the Thanksgiving holiday to make the trip with the Church office closed and the girls out of school.  Kellie and I had a credit with Southwest so our tickets were paid and we just changed Katie's flight.  Kellie was so excited to go because she has has been dieing to see all her friends in Borger.  So tomorrow we will pack up all Katie's stuff in her car and Thanksgiving we will head to Arkansas.

Kim had already planned to fly to KC and take her mom to Arkansas to be with her family in Ozark.  So, we will meet up with her in Arkansas and have Thanksgiving dinner together.  I just love it when a plan comes together.  Then the girls and I will drive on to Memphis to spend the night and then home to Atlanta.