Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choose Your Primary Care Giver

In just about any health insurance plan there comes a time that you must choose your "primary care giver."  At New Season Church we are about to enter into a new series if not a new campaign on stewardship.  As soon as you read the word stewardship, I'll bet you immediately started thinking about your responsibility to give to the work of God and do your part.  This would be a correct direction of thinking because the word stewardship is all about your responsibilities to God, your family, and the Church.  The problem with this thinking is it puts you in the drivers seat instead of just along for the ride.

In Matthew 6:24 through the rest of the chapter, Jesus says that in this thing called life you must pick your primary care giver.  There are basically two options in front of you.  The most popular doctor that people choose is money.  The interesting that about the doctor of money is that he has no brain and can't make a decision to save his own life much less yours.  So, he always turns the questions and responsibility back on the individual to make all the choices.  Therefore, when you choose the money doctor you are the one that's in control and in charge of your own destiny.   

The other doctor is the Lord God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the King of Kings, the Great Physician, and the Lover of our souls.  He has all the resources and all the know how to provide all the care we need.  Not only does he know the struggles your going through, but has already prepared for it.  He doesn't practice medicine He is the medicine.  Money is something he plays with.  He can put it in a fish's mouth or throw it in a mailbox.  He is not governed by it, but is the Governor of it.  When he directs your path you don't have to worry about anything.  You can have faith that God will take care of you.

So, why don't people choose him?  Why do we, the patients, think we know better than the Great Physician?  He has all the knowledge and all the skill to properly diagnose and set us on a path to recovery.  All we need to do is trust Him, believe Him, put our faith in Him, and everything will work out right.  When we put the responsibility on the Lord all we have to do is be obedient to his commands.  We don't have to manage the process because we don't even have enough understanding or information to make the right choices in the first place.  Obedience is our stewardship.  When the Lord says give, you give.  What the Lord says give, you give.  He will manage your money, if you will just turn it over to Him and follow is instruction.

(Brought to you by the offices of J.C., G, & H)