Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Fast Track


What an amazing Sunday we had for Memorial Day at the Church.  I’m sure when I say that many of you will be wondering how we honored our war heroes of the past, but there was just one hero we honored yesterday and that was Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  The One that was willing to take our shame and die for our freedom and bring us back into a loving relationship with God.  Last Sunday being a fifth Sunday was a time of celebration at Fellowship Baptist Church.  It is the time that we introduce all the new members to the Church.  We had two new adults join the Church through believers baptism and two families join by letter.  It is good when God adds precious souls to the mix.  Our evening service was filled with praise and adoration for our God as the praise band took us to the throne. Then we communed with the Lord as a family. 

Monday morning we got up and finished the little bit of packing we had to do and we were on the road to Nashville.  We are taking our family vacation to spend some time with my mom and dad in Atlanta, but it is a two day trip.  So, we decided to knock most of it out on Monday.  We took off about 8:20 (after getting a Jesse’s Burrito of course) and arrived safe and sound in Nashville at 9:50.  this was our first time to travel all together in our new Yukon and it was nice.  The travel was so comfortable that I felt refreshed when we got to the hotel.  It was weird how fast the time went.  it was like people were praying or something.  So we are getting around this morning and will finish the trip today with about a 3 1/2 hour trip.  I will fill you in on the vacation as it happens.  It seems like the only time I find to blog is when I’m out of the office.